Introducing Blender Depot - browse and batch install Blender add-ons

Blender Depot is a platform for artists to easily browse and batch install add-ons by the community in Blender. It aims to make resources such as add-ons more accessible to every artist such that they can utilize them in their projects.

The origin of this platform was the absence of a dedicated and updated listing of Blender add-ons along with the inconvenience in installing multiple add-ons together. Right now Blender Depot lists only open source add-ons from GitHub but if the community likes this platform, I may consider user submitted add-ons in the future :smile:
Don’t forget to leave any feedback and suggestions for the platform.

Blender Depot is live at
Blender Depot importer add-on (for batch installing Blender add-ons):


why is retopoflow free here ? isn’t supposed to cost 80$ ? i hope everything is fair in this site

As mentioned, the site lists “open source” add-ons. While Retopoflow is a paid add-on, it is open source hence listed on the site.

Seems interesting, we’ll see if there is interest. I wouldn’t be to concerned with fairness if it remains as a solution to search external sources such as github, since removing nefarious content from there would at least be plausible (i’ve never tried to do so however).

Will there be a way to easily save/reload your list of addons? Seems to have potential for sure.

hehehe this is the normal evolution …
a repository for blender ^ ___ ^
this highlights the reality that blender is an operating system


Maybe I will implement that feature in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

As of now the listing is completely automatic. We can try removing the add-ons which the author thinks shouldn’t be a part of this platform.

Please add filter tools to find add-ons that works on Blender 2.8

It would be difficult but will try my best :slightly_smiling_face:

And some addon works only on windows, some works on linux

Exactly Good. But @AkashHamirwasia could say

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Yeah. That’s also there to consider.

Paid add-ons can be open source as well, the code you get after you pay for it is open source with Blender Python add-ons.

You need to add information about the site’s privacy policy and data retention practices. For instance this is required for EU internet practices.

isn’t every add-on ever made for blender open source?

I do not think that with this particular addon someone has been paid first to be able to share it, you can look for it in github openly. Anyway I do not know if Github version is the same as the one offered in the market. The times that I tried github version time ago it gave many problems.

Naturally, I was responding to your question about how it was possible that $80 add-on was listed as open source.

I meant the site’s own practices not the add-on itself.

This may shine some light on the Blender dev, entrepreneur, and BA community’s practice of promoting open-source and creative commons licensing in their marketing while staying silent about people in the community bullying anyone who dares to share open-licensed “paid for” products online.

GPL and CC sounds good till there’s money involved. That’s when the open-minded sharer becomes a low-life taker hurting Blender development and robbing addon and media creaters. That’s the mindset of many here and some are very vocal about it.

The inquisition has already started. Notice the questioning of the “fairness” of your site. That’s the first shot across your bow.

Will you roll over or will you list every addon shared with you regardless of whether it is for sale elsewhere? You may as well make that decision now and get it over with. If you go with free and open as per the licensing you should probably secure your site as well as you can against hacking and do regular backups. Ref paragraph 2 above.

Do some market research about this and decide what’s best for you. Mind the politics. Btw I doubt I’m alone in my thinking. Share means share not sometimes maybe depending on how it effects someone’s bottom line. Keep in mind crowd-sourcing and patronage type platforms. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

It’s probably safe to say all of us here hope this works out well for you. Good luck!