Introducing myself


I would like to introduce myself. I’m a disabled 3D Hobbyist with a minor case of Cerebral Palsy which limits the use of my left hand. I got into 3D about the mid 1990’s with CorelDraw’s Corel DREAM; I stayed with the Raydream family all the way into Carrara 8.5 Pro along with Hexagon 2.5.2.

I really enjoy modeling and animating Emergency Vehicles such as Fire Engines, Patrol Cars, Ambulances and the Equipment they carry.

I’m switching to Blender with the hopes with Blender’s capabilities; it will let me do more realistic looking models and scenes.


Welcome aboard!

I can’t talk from personal experience, but I found this which may be useful…

Welcome to the community!

Welcome. I really like the versatility of Blender and am hoping it will help you do this.