Introduction Thingy/ Anime model

Hi :D,
I’m new to the forum, though ive come here often for reasons, but anyway, I decided the best way to introduce myself was to show my current work in progress. Since I’m a big fan of anime, I wanted to create one of my favorite characters since anime proportions are famous for being a little… off. Though I chose this one since he’s slightly more realistic than others. I mean, his head isn’t dedicated to his eyes, but anyway, here’s a work in progress of the character.

And I’m aware I didn’t say who he is, I did that on purpose so you can guess. Also, I would love some feedback if possible.


I finished the basemesh and started the clothes. I also added a placeholder material for all the meshes.


I finished the basemesh to the clothes. I’m going to take a break from them for now and work on something else, like texturing the head/body. I’ll get back to the clothes later though. I put in placeholder materials to get a idea for how the colors will look when I’m done.

Check out these boots also.

Created my own matcap and I’m going to continue customizing it then use it as a base for my textures.