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Me had a long way of thinking over this thingy.
Like a comet fell on me head, a thought, how to implement something into BGE project in order to make it more interesting and i suppose harder to play with. I have added an ico sphere and separated every face as a separate object parented to a single plate. I guess these i could use as actuators for creatures armatures to execute avoidance actions, and i guess to make things turn towards hostiles or run away…

Just a thought really that i decided to share with that could be a winner if i set this thing up to work right
and turn slowly along some idle animations in order to make outcomes of interaction through this thing with creatures not to be always the same vs same angle.
And all of this above could be a reason why some people stop playing games leaving their game makers alone in their dreamworlds. And then they probably cry why people don’t play their games anymore. Mu, mu-muah! Ha-haaa!

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I think i need to watch that Zombie AI tutorial again.
And it kinda sucks that i cant reply with less than 10 characters.
Btw what’s Foxes preferred food?

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With skull sausage shapes.

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