Invader Zim (Cycles)

I’ve heard about Invader Zim for a long time, but didn’t get around to watching an episode till about a week ago. Now I am hooked trying to find every episode I can on Youtube and want to do a 3d project based on the main character. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m doing this a little backwards by building some shaders before making the model, but I am unsure of how to construct the head to allow for posing and animation of the eyes. For example, look at the images below.

I would like to be able to animate the eyes between the fully open oval shape, and the narrow rectangular shape without making my head look horribly deformed. If anyone has experience modeling cartoon faces for animation, I would love some feedback as to how this might be done before I start.

That said, I have come up with a shader for both the eyes and skin. I’m pretty happy with the eyes, but not sure about the skin. I present to you, Irken Suzanne! (And a close up of the eye shader.)


3 image limit

My main concern is trying to get the skin look soft and skin-like. I know cycles doesn’t support SSS yet, so I did my best by blending in a bit of a translucent material. Any feedback welcome.

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They have all the episodes of Invader Zim on Netflix streaming if you’re in the US.

Not sure about availability if you’re in another country.

Thanks for that. So sad that there are only 27 episodes, turns out I had seen most of them in my Youtube searches already.

Progress on the body and legs.


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ohhh i <3 invader zim. i will be watching this with interest

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