Invalid file type

I had a modle that was work in progress, it had been deleted and ive used a recovery program to get it back. The file looks ok, it has a file size, the blender icon and the origional name. However when I try to open it, I get the error:

Invalid file type or error
Invalid read error.

The only thing I can see that looks odd is the file size being 149 KB
however i dont know what typeical blend files are, this was a modle of a mouse, with a fair amount of polys due to the subsurfing.

Any sugestions on what I should do, besides backup my files before I try a foolish thing like running a new cleanup program called CleanUp 4.0 from :confused: that ends up deleteing important stuff that I was warned to backup.

I think that “blend file” is gone. Did you try recovering the “backup file” that Blender creates, for every saved file?

You could also try appending (File >> Append) the Object (not the mesh or curve) from the corrupt file into a new one.


I just tryed both options, first to apend, but the list is empty, second to try the blender backup blend1 file but null success.

Ah well, I just have to learn to backup my important files. Thanks for the effort.