Inventor Native Import??

Is Autodesk Inventor a native import/export format? When I try to import I get a list that dosnt include any Inventor formats. Can I import part or assembly files from Inventor (other than converting them to stl)

I have tried to do a bit with this and so far I can only import inventor part files. When you save your inventor parts, save them as .stl files and then blender is able to open them through file>import…>STL. If anyone else can figure out a way to import assemblies I would greatly appreciate also.

Yeah, Ive been doing it that way too. But the site says
“Native import and export for DXF, Inventor and VRML files, with python scripts available for many other 3D formats”
Am I wrong in thinking that we may be able to open .ipt and .iam files in blender? Does anyone know how to do this?
Its painstakingly slow reassembling the models from parts again!

I know this thread is old, but is there a way to export from blender to inventor?

From what I can gather, the page on is referring to “Open Inventor” which was an SGI 3D initiative from what appears to be the mid 1990s. Do not know its current status. It is not a reference to Autodesk Inventor.

AFAIK, the best way to get files from Inventor would be STL. The other option would be VRML (.WRL). Also, Inventor may support 3DS Max, being an Autodesk product… you might try that…?

I would guess STL again… take a look at what Inventor imports and match that up with what Blender exports… usually VRML works for these kinds of things, but editing such imports with a solid modelling app is gonna be tricky. I’m on SolidWorks, and its pretty much useless with imported STL or VRML geometry. But heck, I can model most anything in SW that I can in Blender - sometimes much more quickly…