Inverse Kinematics issue

I’ve just recently tried making an IK rig for a dolphin and I’ve already ran into a wall

The rig consists of a chain of bones with the roots facing toward the head of the dolphin. At the tail of the dolphin, I added an IK control.

However, probably due to the way the rig was assembled in the first place, the controls are a bit funky.

At rest pose:

When IK control is moved upwards and when it is moved downwards:

As you can see, the chain of bones are arching in the same direction no matter where the IK control is moved.

Also, the bending is not consistent and the shape is not parabolic
I want an arc similar to that of a quadratic curve


Here’s the .blend:


Dolphin.blend (526 KB)

I check your file but one question comes to my mind… it is why IK? why not FK? it seems that it would make more sense for the tail of a dolphin… or maybe an IK curve… because, to my knowledge, with IK you can’t reverse the arc without flipping the mesh…

Try the pitchipoy tentacle rig. You need to have rigify enabled under addons to add this rig type to your own armature.

Not a great animation, but you should get the point.

Good luck!

Thanks for replying! Well, IK just seems more robust lol

Thanks for replying! The tentacle rig is really good! But I think I’ll try out spline IKs and compare