inverse mirroring

I know it’s probably possible, but I don’t know zee procedure. Example of what I mean would be a model a hand, and instead of modeling another one for the opposing side, i just went to copy it inversing it.
Thanks for any help.

That’s exactly what the Mirror Modifier does in it’s default settings (just place the 3D Cursor at the midpoint of where you want the hands to be, goto F9, Mesh tab and click “Center Cursor”).

Another way to do it is to Shft-D Copy the hand in Object mode, move the copy to it’s new location then click S (Scale), X (the coordinate you want it to be scaled or mirrored along) -1 (Minus one), enter.


Fligh, yeah I have been using the Shift D and then CTRL M along the x axis a lot, but i didn’t know how to inverse flip it, which is what you -1 just cleared up for me.

Shift D and then CTRL M

Do you know that there’s a Mirror Modifier in the Modifiers tab in F9 that’ll do all that for you?


I dunno what an “inverse mirror” is, but it sounds like something you would find in a horror house or something like that :wink: i think you need simple mirroring.

And yes, i think the mirror modifier is the way to go in this case:
Manual/Mirror Modifier