Inverse (object) panorama

I was tinkering with that pano stuff. Easy to do a pano-viewer in Gameblender, even with zoom. Works nicely.If someone is interested i will upload the blend. But even more interesting is the inverse making a 360 deg object pano, because my homebrewn cam-based 3d-scanner has its pitfalls and is not very handy.

So i thought why not taking a series of pics from the object on the turntable and spin the
movie forth and back according to the direction keys pressed. Which software or SDK could be used for that? Any hints?

You mean like this?

It was made in quicktime VR. :smiley:

this is for mac. and it asks for a gay mac plugin. Why did you mention it?

Quicktime runs on all platforms. (I know it runs on windows, I’m not sure about linux.) :wink:

I think i have been misunderstood. I hate plugins of any kind. I would like to do that in blender or opengl with a gpl tool. No quicktime, no flash or other propietory crap which will die soon anyway.

Apart from that i am more than reluctant to break my rules just for evaluating it.

Hi 3D-Penguin, maybe this could help:

It use a turntable. You take shots with a simple cam, and the soft seems to do it all. There’s a “free” version.

To do the same in blender I think about textured planes all centered at 0,0,0 wich could be visible/invisible (only one at a time) when the mouse move.

Could you share the panorama blend file ?

Yes, thats what i meant, but your proposal uses flash. I´d rather hack my own. You asked for the blend. Here it is.

This one uses arrow keys.
I have another one with mouse control, but no zoom.

Have Phun.

Thanks for the blend. Simple and usefull !
Will you release an “inverse (object) panorama” soon ?

Glad you like it. With the inverse stuff i will always have the problem
that you dont find any “food”, like a series of images that would fit it, on the net. So you had to make your own using cam and turntable incl. bluescreen.
Like with most of that stuff you figure it out and toss it for not beiing handy enough. Lacking of some motivation i will see what i can do.

Zoomtest: Use it under 2.34, there it works like a charm.

Under 2.36 its ugly and under 2.35 forget it.
Why is that so? Does anybody know?

Can’t you try to make a “virtual studio” in blender ?
Put a 3d model with 3 spots, render a picture, rotate the model, render the picture and so on… (need at least 4 or 8 pictures)

Then put each picture on a separate planes in GE. When the mouse moves left or right, display a plane (use visible/invisible).

Thats good for trees and other high poly objects, i think its called billboard technique. But i am looking for a way to display a “3d look” object with a movie solution. Guess i have to study the panotools albeit more intensive.
Hope that will work out, i remember Zer0d ´s statement about this method looking distorted and fake.

Solved! Looks like i asked in the wrong “department”. Alltaken offered some
“beer money” and there it goes:

Thanks Thoro! Great work! Dankeschoen!

People here in Gameblender forum really seem to be exclusively
interested in gaming aspects (except Victor, the cleaner)

Not only games, web too :wink:

Do you know if there’s some kind of english tutorial for 3DNP ?

Guess if you really give it a try you will understand before an english
tut arrives. Lemme see, but i am quite busy (real world) at the mo.

I’ve “give it a try” but it still not clear to me. :frowning:
I don’t understand how to setup the logic bricks.
I can render the scene, but the I’ve got 252 same pictures
If I play blindly with logic:
1/add a controller to the camera
2/add a “track to: CameraBoss” actuator.
3/render anim = the camera moves, but too close !

Please just take 2 minutes to tell me how to use this nice blend !
Or simply post a blend file with more informations…


Found this post

Need attention to set up, but everything is working now ! :smiley: :smiley:

Just scale the ‘CameraBoss’ object to increase the camera’s distance. You can also use BGC (Blender Goes Cubic), which is a bit easier to use.

There is a new version of 3DNP on my website which offers new options - an English documentation will follow this week. If you got any question, don’t hesitate to write me a PM.