Inverse Pandora's Box

Hello out there!

Well, finally something fresh from me…it took me a while, doodling around and trying various projects which didn’t work out as nicely as I wished…

In this project I tried to work with the particle System for the first time and I think it turned out quite nice! Very easy to use and good results in no time, at least for a simple task such as this. Other than that nothing special, only some old model that lurked on my harddrive for quite some while now and I eventually found some good use for.

(Click at the image to go to dA and download the full resolution.)

Some technical notes: Rendering @4200x3000 was quite fast thanks to AAO and my new computer :smiley:
Lighting was quite complex since I had a special concept in mind and it was necessary to work with lighting groups to achieve that effect. For the green lights coming out of the box I used volumetric Spotlights. Almost no postpro was involved, only some color adjustments and some glow effects, as well as the title were added in Photoshop.

So, what do you think?

everyone has the right the right to sound noobish every now and then, this is one of mine.
what is AAO?? i know about AO, but that doesnt make things faster, just nicer…

nice work though, but im not really sure about the waves in the grass…


really interesting piece, I want to read into it references to technology as being the new manifestation of this box to the point of referring to machine intelligence really but putting it on the grass qualifies it a bit linking it to the overall process of the intelligent co-emergence of new forms.

Nicely done :slight_smile: I like the font you picked for the text too.

@Mihunai Approximate Ambient Occlusion If you don’t use it, my opinion is: :no: I feel sad:( No-one should be deprived:(j/k.

Myke, nice colors and and use of halos:)

That is quite a fancy box.

Good work on all the details.

Really nice job!

Only one thing sticks out as a problem, The “ground” needs to be a little longer, and you might want to feather the background edge.

Ground could use some work but dang, that box is awesome. Great job.

Nice detail/lighting, but I would opt for either all grass, or all dirt. If you’re going to do a transition, it had better be a good one, and that’s difficult to pull off.

Very nice though.

I should have thought this has postpro involved but since you mentioned there’s none, this is indeed a “wow”. Great lighting. Though I might suggesting adjusting the exposure just a lil lil lil bit. :slight_smile:

thanks, allways wondered what the difference was…


Do you really see the edge? What kind of monitor do you have O_o
I really didn’t think that it is visible, it is far too dark to notice on any monitor I have seen it yet…but thanks for mentioning it! I really should think more about such things…

@Mihunai: Sorry for using the abbreviation mindlessly, but you got your answer already :wink:
Check it out, it’s really a useful lighting method!

@Carbonflux: Wow…ah…yeah…Glad you like it anyway :wink:
But your first line is quite inspiring for a new piece…

@blenditall: I see what you mean but I personally aimed for a very exact transition. You’re right though, anything else would have been far more work…but I did think about that as well.

And at all the others: thank you very much for your responses as well. Any kind of feedback is very welcome, even though this is probably not among my “best” pieces (at least that’s my opinion :wink: ).