invert copy

Hello everyone, is it possible to invert copy something. Say you modeled a hand, and you don’t want to have to model another one for the other hand. Can you inverse copy it?


Its called mirroring. If you already have one object modeled then in object mode:

  1. shift-d – make a copy
  2. s x -1 enter – scale object by -1 (thats negative 1)
  3. ctrl-a apply size and rotation (does some clean up)

alternate method

  1. shift-d
  2. ctrl-m (select your mirror axis)

I suggest reading the blender wiki section on mirroring.


GreyBeard I am familiar with mirroring and use it extensively. I don’t think you understand the question. A mirroed right hand will not turn into a left hand no matter how you rotate or mirror it. I have tried this before using the alternate method. I don’t need a mirror, I need an inverse mirror.

Must be late where you are :smiley:

Here is a hand duplicated and mirrored – A left and right hand.


you could also use the mirror modifier.

Grey I now realize where I messed up. I kept trying to mirror the hand from a side view, instead of overhead. I apologize for my flamboyance. (I think that’s a word) Thank you for helping me out!