Inverted Faces in Eevee but Perfect in Cycles?

i recently try to model a simple shop exterior based on the photo but Eevee show like an Inverted Faces (Inside out) I try to recalculate normals but still it was the same. so again I model it on a new imported image plane but the problem still there. but on cycles, there was no issue…
Am I missing something or its a bug??? anybody help plz

why don’t you look at the face’s normal
and invert if necessary

but there should not be any differences between EEVEE and cycles !

happy bl

Thank you for the reply…
But i did that too

tried to flip those, recalculated but the result was same. that’s why am so confused.

Try disabling alpha in material and/or switch blend mode to opaque in material settings.

I guess you used the import image as plane addon? It sets up alpha even in cases it isn’t needed and it can behave weirdly in eevee.

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Thanks man… I already deleted that alpha node and of course I used the image as plane addon. but after you said I deleted the material created by the image as plane addon and recreated. Now its gone :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

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