Invigorator plug-in for After Effects by Zaxwerks errors

Maybe a Guru can help me( and my client) here.

I am currently working on an animation for a local marketing firm. I am producing the animation and another contractor is compositing additional graphics and text in After Effects. The other contractor is going to use the Invigorator plug-in from Zaxwerks to make the composited graphics look like it is shaped around the 3d elements in my animation.

My Client, the After Effects contractor, and the IT contractor can’t seem to make the plug-in work (in After Effects). They have been on the phone with Zaxwerks, Adobe, and Dell to no avail.

I may have to do everything in Blender, which I am sure it can be done, but I rather the After Effects guy do it.

Is anyone familar with the Invigorator plug-in for After Effects and any run issues it may have?



are you trying to composite the AE stuff around a model you made in blender or an entire 3d animation you created in blender? because if it’s the latter, zaxwerks only lets you position a camera around a 3d model and then you have to interact with it like a 2d layer.