Invisible Items in Blender I need to edit out!

Raw beginner so treat me gently if being stupid! :smiley:

I have a couple of downloaded freeware .stl files that have invisible items in Blender. I cannot make these visible, they just do not seem to exist, but they appear when in Repetier-Host Object Placement.

If slicing the file (with CuraEngine) for printing is attempted it runs OK until the process reaches printing the layer height where these item(s) are and slicing/print then stops, way incomplete.

The phantom item is a small circular disc with a triangle emerging to one side. Have run file repair to no effect, the file reports as manifold, and normals OK.

All I need to do to use this file for what I want is to rescale (which I have done OK), and print, yet it will not print all of it!

I thought I’d Import the .stl file into Blender and delete, but Blender does not display them!

Is it me?? :eyebrowlift2:

You could try looking in data-blocks and see if they items which havea mesh but no object. There is an addon “orphan slayer” which may help in this regard. I vaguely recally having a similar issue in the past and I think this is how I got around it, (wasn’t an STL file though).
If you can point me to a URL for the STL file, I can take a look.