Invisible Monster Render

Invisible Monster Render :smiley:



Perfection in invisibility, is this the high poly version? :evilgrin:

Hey, hey, this is going far too silly. I think you should have posted this in the “A cube” thread in this very category, wich is devoted to these “brilliant” creations.

While I consider these post to be fun, I think we should not flood the forums with them. I understand that they can bother more serious or professional users.

That said,

  • Could you post a wireframe of it?
  • Could you make the monsted hold something, let’s say a cube, to show the quality of the rigging??
  • Could you pubilsh a monster’s walkcycle in youtube or similar???

I expect your creation to raise a lot of interest. Keep up the good work (and please, if possible, let’s feed these thread and don’t create any news).


I can understand, this will (probably) my last thread

[ ] - Funny
[x] -. Absolutely annoying.
[x] - Old
[x] - unnecessary

Disagreed! This monster is awesome! I hope you’ll be eaten someday by this INVISIBLE MONSTER! mwhwuwhahaha! :evilgrin:

Are you going to animate this?
But this background… you should try simple black, just a thought.

I would have give 5* if it was in a setting, like outside. Rigging will be a challenge, you know. where to start? How do you know when you’re done? This project could go on forever.

Not much for originality – I haven’t seen it all before…

I see this monster everytime I boot up blender.

Nice, but the audio is too loud.

I don’t like the background. Please change it.

So, you’ve done it - now I’m scared !

Okay, you’ve had your fun, two threads that actually turn out to be nice jokes, well done with the humor.

Now let us see if you can model, texture, light, and render a scene so we can have a finished project to comment on.:wink:

hate to meet up with this monster in a dark alley (with a blue background) at anytime soon.

amazing. 5 stars from me!

Five stars from me as well. This one deserves to be on the banner!

Actually, yes is a perfect invisible monster. I could have like it if it wasn’t this ugly blue background.
As NoeOM said, do you have a wireframe ? This would be interesting you have one, would have more sense on the process of your image.

This reminds me of the monster called the “Blue Screen of Death”. It attacks me frequently… especially on Windows when I start work without saving.