Invitation: Blender Sprint in Innsbruck, 21.-25.9.2006

I know it’s a bit tight as far as the whole scheduling goes (most of the people making decisions have been or are on vacation the last month and a half), but there you have it.

Anyone with experience in the fields mentioned on the blog is welcome to apply for the sprint. Hotel and food will be provided and we can reimburse your travel expenses in part or in whole, depending on your situation. We sadly can’t afford to invite people from all over the world, but if you’re in Europe and have experience with using Blender in a CAVE/VR environment, experience with Verse or general Blender coding/Python scripting, you are welcome!

Also if you have any content or content ideas that you think we should try out, feel free to leave a comment on the blog.

what’s a sprint, in this context? i’ve not heard that term before.

We’re using it as a term to descript a short (5 days) development session that is centered around a specific topic (Blender/CAVE integration).

Sounds spiffier than “A Short Development Session”. :slight_smile:

Were there any coders that answered your call?

It is not so obvious.
In the case of Orange there was a modicum of money for living expanses and beer and those young artists may have a career in mind : anyways, the experience was too good to miss.
Developers are doing this part time, for fun and most if not all are involved in school, family, work… elsewhere. It is much harder for them.


There are mostly people interested in the artist aspect of it, yes, but I also got answers from people experienced with Python scripting and game engine scripting (shaders etc).

I don’t think we even need developers who know all the ins and outs of Blender, since connecting various Blender instances via Verse or Python networking would be enough.

Hey, that’s cool.
I’m happy for you. :slight_smile:

<edit> … and for myself because, with people like you on our side, the exponential development of Blender will just get better </edit>

Back to finding methods to model buildings : I am on a vacation and do not have to worry about money, for once.


I’ve been reading a bit on the site, but it is still unclear as to what the actual specfic goal of the sprint it.

Also what is this Cave environment that is mentioned over and over?

yes, it’s a bit unclear to me too!

i would be cheap since i live near innsbruck… but unfortunately i don’t think i would be really helpful. :stuck_out_tongue: i can do some python scripting but i am not sure if i could accomplish anything useful (especially if it’s more complex) in this short time.

Is that too unclear? Or maybe the link is just hard to find? If so, let me know and I’ll add stuff. :slight_smile:

CAVE is basically 3-6 projectors (or more) that show a 3D scene on 3+ walls so the observers feels like it’s a real 3D environment. The CAVE at the Zukunftszentrum is made of 3 tilted screens using 2 projectors for each to generate a stereo image. Something along the lines of

Kakapo: You can still just drop by and watch the progress. It’s an open project so everyone interested can drop by and have a look. If you live around Innsbruck, you are welcome to join us. Just add your info to the Blog (under “Applying”) so we know when to expect you. We only have a budget (transportation, hotel, etc) for people who can actively contribute, but since you live close by that’s not a problem and some drinks or a sandwich for you wont kill us. :slight_smile:

The same goes for people from anywhere close to Innsbruck who’d like to drop by. If you are in Munich, for example, the train ride is some 2 hours and if not more, it’s a nice chance to meet fellow blenderheads.

Are you still looking for people to actively participate?

Look at to see some of the things I’ve done… There’s quite some python scripts there… including the caliper which might be relevant to the architectural stuff, though I don’t know how to code in blender’s source itself.

Yap, still looking. Those texture baking scripts look interesting for realtime animation, too, which is what is needed for the CAVE.

So, yeah, if you’re interested, consider yourself invited.

Ok sounds good… my boss owes me some time off anyway.

Please send me an e-mail through here or the form at this site: so that I can send you my details. I’d rather not post them in a blog.

Sent. For anyone else, it’s sprint at blendersprint org for any further questions.

blendersprinT, my mistake.

[edit] There was an issue with the mail, but it has been solved [/edit]

Oy guys,

just a short notice that the sprint is over and I want to thank Jiri, Vilem, Alexandre, Dolf and Oliver for the great time we had. We managed to get the CAVE setup to run on Blender with Verse, made a simple demo with 3D buildings from Innsbruck modelled for it and Jiri started on a Python API for Verse to even further automate the process.

We’ll be collecting information for the next week or so and write up a detailed report on how we did it and we hope to see more CAVE-like installations done by blenderheads in the future.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away, I hope the reports from the sprint participants will start trickling in soon!


I arrived back home this afternoon, and thank you Samo for a wonderfull time. Of course I forgot the link Alexandre gave me with the pictures, but I’m sure he’ll share it all with everyone once he’s back in Brasil.

I can recommend taking part in these types of projects to everyone. It was a very productive and informative couple of days.

Okay, I’ve got one: what is “the CAVE setup”, what does it do, and what would a “CAVE-like installation” be? [sorry so ignorant on this stuff…]

Edit: BTW, you might want to tweak the CSS of your site. The fonts are overlapping on IE6/Win2K: (at medium size - smaller sizes still overlap, tho not as much)

…makes it a bit tough to read anything. FYI.

mzungu: Samo doesn’t care for IE users :stuck_out_tongue:

The cave setup is basicly 3 huge screens with 6 projectors (3 used for regular projection, 6 for stereoptic type projections). The centre in Innsbruck has had the system (the very expensive system) in place for a while, but never used it. We now took a big leap in developing a structure within which it is usable.

Basicly we set up three very lovely new macs running synchronised blender versions (with the help of verse & an ethernet network), in a game engine environment. So you get to move around a VR environment projected on three screens simulaneously. Video & pics that will make ik clearer will be coming soon I think.

Meh, changed the CSS to some stupid and boring theme, since IE doesn’t understand “em” stuff. I’ll move the page from a blog to a “normal” website anyway and will redo the CSS myself. It was a bit naive to think that people making themes also test them in IE…

That’s how it looked like before we got the cameras set up correctly. Dunno whether the people at the Zukunftszentrum took any decent pics of the CAVE when we presented it, where it actually looked perfect.

Edit: Oh, and a CAVE-like installation using our solution could be anything done with the game-engine that spans two or more screens/canvases. So you could use projectors for canvases (and a larger audience) or just multiple computers to show multiple views of a scene.

Cool! Sounds like a pretty sweet setup! :smiley: Must’ve been a blast to get to mess with that!

Samo doesn’t care for IE users

ya gotta love us Micro$erfs!