ion engine test animation

Hello, just made a ion engine test animation.

would like to hear your comments on improving this.

What is a ion engine used for?

a ion engine is a new kind of space propulsion system that is dozens of times more efficient then conventional chemical rockets.
it is used for propulsion in deep space satelites. however i think my video is more a plasma engine, a plasma engine on steroids i think.
with a plasma engine they can get to mars in 40 days if they can get the power ratio to one kilowatt per kilogram.

Ah. Would be better if you actually demonstrated on a Satellite then it would make a bit more sense and spare the viewer the trouble of searching of that engine. Never the less, I like the demonstration.

Very clean, :slight_smile:

Smoke particles or halo?

your right, however i was to lazy to do that perhaps in the future i might put it on a spaceship or something.
actually i just used halo particles with a lot of blur and glare and stuff

I have been messing with one object emmiting particles with no velocity, and then having a turbine or ion grid etc that is represented by force points, still not accurate, but you can do amazing things with blender…

this is an attempt at simulating a plasma super-cavity, and the shock wave that would happen initially to the magnetic flux…
not accurate… but it will be…it will be

:slight_smile: use the Force Luke!

Now if you hurry up, you won’t make a scene, o wait! make all the scenes you want :slight_smile: pixels are free!! and they are delicious…