IOR Material List

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what is that material IOR list again! :smiley:

(dreamsgate) #2

Issue #7 of Blenderart magazine had an article on IOR and in the blend file download is a pdf with a very comprehensive IOR list. You can get a copy here.

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Hey very nice but its to blury!! how can you deduce what material are you looking for if
I can even see it :eek: but thanks anyway

(dreamsgate) #4

There are 2 downloads for issue #7,

  • one is the magazine and yes the IOR list in the mag is very small,
  • the other is a zip file of blends and other files needed for tutorials, there is a pdf in that zip file that is a big list of IOR values.

(shr1k) #5

Copy this script into your scripts folder After you do that it can be found under the help menu in Blender. it makes an IOR list in your blender text editor.

Name: ‘common IOR values’
Blender: 241
Group: ‘Help’
Tooltip: ‘common IOR values’

author = “shr1k”
url = (“blender”, “elysiun”)
version = “1.0”

import Blender
import Blender.sys as bsys
from Blender.BGL import *
import sys


output_filename = “ior value.txt”
output = Blender.Text.New(output_filename)


Material IOR Values:

‘Air’: 1.000
‘Bubble’: 1.100
‘Liquid methane’: 1.150
‘Ice(H2O)’: 1.310
‘Water’: 1.333
‘Clear Plastic’: 1.400
‘Glass’: 1.440 - 1.900
‘Light glass’: 1.450
‘Standart glass’: 1.520
‘Heavy glass’: 1.650
‘Obsidian’: 1.480 - 1.510
‘Onyx’: 1.486 - 1.658
‘Acrylic glass’: 1.491
‘Benzene’: 1.501
‘Crown glass’: 1.510
‘Jasper’: 1.540
‘Agate’: 1.544 - 1.553
‘Amethist’: 1.544 - 1.553
‘Salt’: 1.544
‘Amber’: 1.550
‘Quartz’: 1.550
‘Sugar’: 1.560
‘Emerald’: 1.576 - 1.582
‘Flint glass’: 1.613
‘Topaz’: 1.620 - 1.627
‘Jade’: 1.660 - 1.680
‘Saphire’: 1.760
‘Ruby’: 1.760 - 2.419
‘Cristal’: 1.870
‘Diamond’: 2.417 - 2.541""")
exitmsg = “Done!|Please check the text %s in the Text Editor window” %
its the best script I ever wrote:eyebrowlift: .

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Ok I see! sorry I didnt have the chance to open the other one - but that list doesnt have the rest of the materials like the blurry one, anyways am looking for gold,
is that 0.47 or 3.00 because blender doesnt like 0.47 but am not sure if is 3.00 :spin:
any idea

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(GreyBeard) #8

Gold hasn’t any transparency – hence no IOR.

(PG1) #9

so do you mean that I dont need the IOR settings to create gold :confused:
explain that! :eek: thanx

(GreyBeard) #10

Refraction is the effect you see when you poke a stick into a pond – the stick looks bent where it enters the water. The IOR controls how much the stick would appear to bend. It is only useful for transparent materials and has nothing to do with creating a gold texture. A gold texture would need some reflections – not refraction.

see here for a gold and many other material:


(greboide) #11

you will want a low diffuse value and a higher spec value for gold i think