IOR/Transparency Problem


I’m having trouble rendering transparency on the cornea of my model’s eye.

It’s rendering 100% transparent, like I need it too, but the index of refraction is not showing in renders (I’ve tried with IOR set to full, set to least and things like that and there’s no difference). Does anyone know why it isn’t working?

The pic below shows the materials tab when the model is selected. As you can see, in the preview I don’t actually see IOR taking place either, it only seems to show when I add some specularity in the transparency section (shown in the 2nd pic), however that makes my model render pitch black, adding any alpha whatsoever makes it render white.


make sure ray-tracing is checked under the render tab. this is probably not your problem, but u might want to check.

good luck :slight_smile:

Looks like you need to:
a) set either specular or filter value to something above 0 (for whatever reason)
b) crank up the depth past 2
2 is not enough because when the transmitted ray intersects with the object itself again, it cannot shoot an another ray, and the reason that it is black is because the object casts a shadow onto its inner surface at that point.

Thanks for the suggestions! My results vary between: Truly transparent, opaque white, or opaque black, but I didn’t know about the things you guys mentioned so with some experimenting I’ll get there. I’m going through the johnny Blender 2.0 tuts, maybe the next time through it I’ll pick up a check box or slider that I missed