IP cloaking?

How would I do this for free? I want my IP to show up as one that I choose.

I know there is some anonymity software like JAP, but it do not give you any Particular IP. Just redirects you through lots of proxies with multiple users


the problem with ip clocking is that you wouldn’t be able to do anything like gaming online cause during the game your computer and the server are constantly exchanging data and the sever needs to know your ip address in order to know were to send the packets

IP cloaking where you simply pick an IP isn’t possible if you want to recieve any data. The server needs to know where the data has to go.
IP cloaking usually works by anonymous proxies - the proxy knows who you are and where to send the data, but the server only knows to send it to the proxy.
So while you have a choice of IP’s to appear cloaked as, it is simply a choice of which proxy to use.

That’s why there’s so many backdoor trojans out there - the crackers want to make an anonymous proxy to tunnel through.

can i assume you read /. and want it to read ???

I assume you want to disguise your source IP, that is a receiver will be fooled about the source and suspects somebody else sening bogus messages, right?

Now to answer your question just some code:
int sock = socket(PF_INET, SOCKRAW, IPPROTO_IP);
int bOpt = 1;
setsockopt( sock, IPPROTO_IP, IPHDRINCL, &bOpt, sizeof( bOpt));

If you dont know that the above means, try to search for it ion the net.
Basicallly it provides a mothod to create your very own IP packets including the source address.

i sugest reading this book for details:

Whether or not that works (I’m to lazy to find out, but I’m guessing it would. And even if it doesn’t, it would be possible somehow) it would be impossible to get returning packets, as the sender would send them to the wrong address.
This might make it impossible to use TCP. I’m not sure of the details of how it works internally, but any protocol that supports error-checking and lost packet detection has to have an ACK packet, right?
And even if you could get TCP running over this broken IP, and then HTTP running over that, you wouldn’t be able to download anything, thought you may be able to post to forums and such, since that’s all one-way (from the TCP layer up at least)

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Use an open proxy somewhere. Most IRC servers will mow you down if you try to login via an open proxy somewhere though.

How do I use a proxy?

Google is your friend.