Iphone and other apps

Anyone interested in creating games for Iphone and other phones? and is blender capable of doing that? If not we could switch to Flash.

yeah! i have an iTouch 3rd g, an iPhone 4, 4 different versions of Blender 3D, and the Unreal Development Kit. I seriously want to make games for iDevices, but i dont really know where to start? I think you can load your blender models into udk and make a game for iStuff that way, using udk… but i dont really know how to actually make a game. i tried, but you have to sign up as an apple developer before you can even test stuff out. but yeah im interested

99 dollars for apple stuff, or at least it was last time I checked, but yeah I see this as interesting as well ":stuck_out_tongue:

The GameKit can run on iPhones.

Awesome, I already started a really addicting game, very simple, very low poly, yet I believe it would be fun on a mobile device.

Would the game kit work with android devices?
I would like to make iphone apps but I don’t want to spend the $99

Get 3 or 4 people and split the cost.

Plus I don’t want to buy a mac.

Oh it requires a mac? No thanks then I am a windows guy

Porting bge itself to android should not be that hard (For rooted install - porting bge to Java is probably insane). But as far as I know most android devices still got no floating point processor and bge is a bit float heavy so it’s probably to early… but still probably weary doable - it’s just a different linux after all.

There is a way that you can transfer your blender projects over to Ogre 3d and from there you can put it into an iPhone game.

and yea fayt I am not completely positive but I am pretty sure that it requires a mac

I’ve researched this in hopes that I could develop games. You legally need a mac.

you do not need a mac. Currently I am working on a developement setup that is using Blender, Udk, and UDK mobile setup to put things on the Iphone.
A mac is not needed. They cannot force you to purchase their computers to develope on their platform. In fact, its merely a suggestion you use a mac, for better synchronization with the product.

also I have bought my own liscence, and although its a 99 dollar thing, its not all that steep… so if you need something tested…

There are toolchains for windows that exist for getting an app compiled to run on the iPhone, however your simplest option is to compile on a mac. Can you not get access to a mac? It may be a slow debugging process but if a friend of yours, or someone you know, has a mac you may be able to code on windows then compile on the mac. Airplay can allow you to do this.

If you are interested in using the gamekit than I’m pretty sure you need xcode for that and so you’ll need a mac.

I’ve researched this in hopes that I could develop games. You legally need a mac.

A mac is only needed to sign the app and publish it. All the development can legally be done on another machine.

Would the game kit work with android devices?

Yes, support for android devices is being worked on for gamekit. Its not yet working but thats on the ogre side of things, apparently the code will compile and run on android although you can’t see anything yet.

The book by Tony Mullen " 3D for IPhone Apps with Blender and SIO2" You need a mac, but i got that over a year ago there might be something newer out where you don’t need the mac to compile.


I thought you could write the app on a pc with basic C, but you then had to compile it on a mac. Oh well it’s a moot point because I’m selling my Itouch in favor of the Droid Milestone.

Quick question. I’m trying to get the sdk up and running on a 32-bit system but I don’t know what JDK to install I thought I had installed a 32-bit JDK. From another post I got a link to a 86* JDK is that the one I should download?