Iphone tutorial Teaser! - Dont Miss it!!

Hey guys and welcome to another Sixthlaw3d upgrade!

Thisanimation is a sneak preview into an Iphone Tutorial on the new tutorials DVD due to be released later this year!



hey sixthlaw can you be more specific? are they modeling tutorials, texturing tutorials, compositing tutorials?

you have my attention but you need to give some more details. :slight_smile:

animation is a bit staccato, might want to tweak your curves a bit, for the rest the lighting etc looks professional

Its a modelling and texturing tutorial:) The Node editting is in a later tutorial:) Thanks for the comment on the animation, will try and make a smoother transition on curves next time. Is meant to be Fast and bold tho. Check out blog for more indepth information! ww.sixthlaw3d.wordpress.com