iphone vs psp

Hey guys I have been wondering which has better internet psp or iphone? My reason for posting is I am i bed posting this from my psp.

you get better p0rn from the iPhone.

yep, getting p()rn on your psp is a pain staking process. i think it was designed like that on purpose:rolleyes:

Neither. Buy a laptop.

pervs… again i meant interface

I think therefor iPhone?

you cant play games on iPhone

The iphone internet is much better than the PSP. I have a PSP and I’ve used an ipod touch and there’s just no comparison. However, I would not trade my PSP for one because I use my computer to go online and I use my PSP for games.

If you have a computer and don’t need a phone then get a PSP. If you need wifi posting, get an ipod touch and a PSP, which should cost less than an iphone if you exclude the monthly rates.

Lol yeah psp is good for games though. escpeically socom us navy seals fireteam bravo 2 with the 32 multiplayer and headset capability. Aaaaah good portable gaming.

Tiny laptop: same price as iphone, linux preinstalled: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834220244

WOW!!! I always liked ASUS’ products, but THAT thing is AWESOME!!! drool

People that uses apple stuff like ipods and macs think they are smarter than other people.

People that uses apple stuff like ipods and macs think they are smarter than other people.

they do. i cant imagine why though. its the same way with americans who oppose america, they think they’re instantly smarter. if i was to walk into some of these major universities in america today and proclaim that i feel the US does alot of good in the world and im proud to call myself an american, i would be instantly taken as a blindly patriotic redneck who daily spoon feeds himself “propaganda” from right wing conservatives. im very proud to be in american and i dont care for apple products like macs and i-pods, how does that make me any less intelligent? i think it just comes from popular culture.


you know, stuff like this ^

I like the fish. From American Dad.

Generalizations are an awesome thing.

As for the question: why buy a crappy handheld or a pseudo-cellphone/music player for Online power when you can simply buy a laptop/palm?

I like the fish. From American Dad.

i like the fish too, its such a good little german fish.

I know the forum is called “Off Topic” but that doesn’t mean that every single thread needs to end up in Timbuktoo. I mean, geez…

Anyway, i’d also suggest getting the tiny laptop. It’s tiny and it’s a laptop. I think i might buy one myself actually. For the money it beats the hell out of the iPhone.

There are laptops for $499 that have quite a few more features than the one I listed. That’s only $100 more than the tiny laptop. Of course they are much larger.

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I fucking lol’d. Hard.