I saw a free iPhone 5 model and I downloaded from CGRecord.net (model by Raphael Rau from silverwing-vfx.de)
then eventually tried to mimic phone shots from the internet / social media wherein some sellers directly shot it with another phone or camera with flash.

Rendered on Blender 2.69 Cycles and enhanced on Photoshop.

You have realistic touch with this! Cool!

yeah thanks :slight_smile:

my friends thought it was real haha …

loooks real dude, keep up the good work

thanks @KingofSpeed :slight_smile:

Where did you get all those iPhones? XD

I thought it was a photograph

once you make a good HD render, with some good scenes
it will go to the gallery section ^^

good luck

I think the reflection on the left hand phone and the one laying across it looks slightly off, but it might just be the resolution of the render. To my eye that is the only thing that gives it away as being CG, so altogether excellent job!

EDIT: I think the reason it looks odd is because the reflection of the phone laying across the central one is crisp and clear, yet the reflection to the left hand side is really softened. I’m not sure what it is a reflection of, but if you are going for a camera flash, or lightbulb perhaps a brightened centre would do the trick? Or if its a window, slightly crisper edges? I’m not exactly sure.

IIIII Phones. :open_mouth:
Awesome renders dude.

I got it from as a low-poly model at CGRecord.net (model by Raphael Rau from silverwing-vfx.de)
then I applied subsurface modifier on it

I hope so :slight_smile:

there’s a ball with emission node and the window was from the hdr reflection, I really didn’t think or planned much of it’s lighting to me I just rendered it out quick … anyways you’ve got a good eye for the details and errors … thanks for the feedback …

thanks dude :slight_smile:

Great work! Majority of 3D artists are trying to make their renders (especially with electronics) as clean as possible (e. g. no fingerprints on displays), which may look nice for adds, but it doesn’t look half as realistic as your render does.

nice bump on woods!!! nice render!!

Nice level of graininess and… are those smudges?! Totally passes for a real cell phone photo. The wood also looks completely real. Did you do the normal mapping on the wood yourself?