Ipo, do run only a curve

OK, if I do

always - and - IPO, from 1 to 100

blender will run all the ipo curves that finds for each frame, and if I wanted to, for example, to run only one of these curves, of the location instead of the rotation, or that of an alpha channel, without distinction of others?

thanks :expressionless: :mrgreen:

place then at different keyframe locations, for ex:
location: 1 to 100
rotation 101 to 200
and so on

no, i need after to can do 2 ipo curves toghether, but usin diffrent propertys… :smiley:

1 - 100 : location
101 - 200 : rotation
201 - 300 : location/rotation
301 - 400: location/rotation/alpha
Or combine IPO keye with Vertex Shape ones
Scale with Vertex Shape keys is quite easy!
Here’s one example:

yes, but i want to say
alpha-ipo n° 6 (like a property)
location n°9 (like another prop)

so i need somewhat for use separated ipo… cause there are too many possibility…