Ipo Drivers

can anyone give me a good tutorial on Ipo Drivers like what they are using for the orange project, I would realy rather not use python because I like to know what I am doing and I dont know python very well, so I basicly want to learn how to do what they did for that orange charicter that you can download on there site.


There are no tutorials yet that I’m aware of, but this explains it:


And you’ll sus it if you play with this .blend by Broken:


Use a CVS version that supports driver IPO’s.



i have played with the Ipo drivers, and they are very interesting, but I have been disappointed by one thing:

I had the hope that they could solve a problem encountered with Constraints, but the problem is the same With Ipo drivers.

Here is the problem: when you have an object animated by an Ipo, a cube for example, you can copy its rotation on an other object using a Copy rotation constraint. But if you make a third object, you can’t copy te rotation of the second object using a constraint!

The copy works only one time, on the first animated object.

It is the same with Ipo drivers. If you want to use as an Ipo driver an object animated by a constraint, it doesn’t work!