IPO Drivers?

THese are new to 2.40 I think, yet I am not sure how to use them. What advantages do they have over RVK’s and bone movements?

They use IPO’s to “drive” animation and (as I said in that other thread) they allow you to use anim data of one object to animate another.

Download the “driver controller test file” here:


Select one or more of the little circles inside of the rectangles then move them up, down, left and right. Then see how the shapes are set up in the Action window and how drivers are set up in the IPO window.


I had a nice little play around with these yesterday - I made an arm with an upper and forearm bone, then made an RVK of the bicep expanding and set the rotation of the forearm to drive the RVK.



So can you control armatures with ipo drivers?

I tried out the the project orange ipo driver dude. Reallly cool model! Still not sure how to set it up. Looked like he had SSSS shaders on? This is the type of control I want for my fish. Its simple and works really effectively.


Guitargeek’s script for generating the ‘widgets’ to control Shape Keys.