IPO help needed

So I made a walk cycle for my character, but now I am unsure how to implement it in my game. I know IPO needs to be used, but my attempts making my character move and play the walk cycle have lead no where. I looked for tutorials on how to use IPO but I couldn’t find any. If someone could give me a brief rundown of how it works, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here’s a tutorial I wrote on doing walkcycles (applies to the game engine as well as rendered animations):


You don’t use IPO curves, you use the Action Editor with specified key frames. Though there may be a method of using IPO curves for walk cycles in the game engine, I’ve never used it.

Note my modelling and rigging skills have improved a lot since I made the example .blend, but it’s still good enough to use if you want to follow the tutorial through.

That REALLY helped with animating my walk cycle, although the main thing I’m trying to figure out is how I can use that finished cycle in the game. Thank you very much for the reply though.

To play the walkcycle, attach a Keyboard Sensor to an Action Actuator. Set the actuator to Loop Stop and enter the start/end frame of your animation depending how long it is.

If you want the cycle to stop when you release the key you’ll need a lower priority stationary animation attached to an always sensor.

Hope this helps. If not I could use more detail on exactly where you are having problems.

If you’re using armatures to animate your character, attack a keyboard sensor to an AND controller and then to an Action actuator.

If you’re using seperate objects, as in right arm, left arm, chest, ect. are all diferent objects and aren’t joined as 1 mesh, use an IPO actuator in place of the action actuator and put it on every single object (to speed this up do your logicbricks on one object, then select all the other parts of the body that need to be animated, then select the object that you made the logicbricks in so that it’s the “primary” object and hit ctrl-c and choose logicbricks).