ipo problem

i’m working on on an exploding bridge. first, i modeled the bridge. Then, since i wanted part of the road to break of and fly through the air when it exploded, i separated part of the mesh so that it was a seperate object. Then I added an ipo to the seperate piece of road, but the original road has the same ipo (both pieces of road always have the same ipo, even though they are different objects). I only want one of them to have an ipo. What do I do?:confused:

Click the “2” in the IPO datablock to make it “Single User” and name it, then delete the one from the bridge, it’ll disappear when you save.

Also, go back to the Links and Materials tab in F9 and make the ME: Datablock for your seperated part single user the same way.


…thanx:D …