iPod 4

This is the most recent image I have of it, I’ve already worked on it a bit since this photo.

Okay, updated version! Still have a lot of work to do, please help point out what’s wrong and how to fix it!

New to this render:
Slight bump map on the wood (plan on doing better)
Different wood texture
HDRI map (I plan to change to a different image later)
Better materials (in my opinion)
Different image for the home button (fixed the messed up half in the previous image)
Better face camera

I still don’t feel like it looks right. I figured out that it was a bit to fat, so I slimmed it down shortly after this render. I also plan on changing the screen because it is infact for an iPhone.

much better…how have you done the bump map? Because even tho slight, I can’t see any. Need to get a new wood material ASAP, one which is seamless…use CGtextures.com hundreds of textures on their, seamless too :slight_smile:

Yeah the texture is seamless, its just the way I unwrapped it so I could get a bigger size without the wood’s grain being too big. I fixed that though. Here is the most recent render, I rendered it at 2000 samples because I was going to bed, and I thought it would be the last render (I now decided it won’t :P) I already have done a little more work, I plan on adding an apple with a bite in it (like the apple logo, but an actual realistic apple.) And I don’t want too much bump mapping, because the wood is like a glossy tabletop with a clear coat over it. Man, I’ve learned so much from this project! Thanks for all your help so far! I also want to play around with the screen looking more “real” using the compositor but, I’ve never used it before. I feel like the “photography” aspect is wrong in the photo, I can’t seem to find the perfect spot to put the camera.

Anddd done! Well… basically. I might add some Depth of Field/focus on the iPod so that the background doesn’t feel so empty, unless there is something else you’d recommend doing? Thanks again for your help!