But 3-5 hours isn’t too fast??

Not at all, its very slow actually… hey tmz, learn some BI, nodes etc. Not as good as lux is but a five min renderer.

I think he can get it looking as good as lux, i dont see anything special to lux, in this scene that blender cant do.

BI render will be better most probably IMO.

I really recommend joining the luxrender.net forum and discuss scene setup, materials, integrator settings etc there - I think you’ll get lots of useful feedback and find your rendertimes getting much much better. As for this particular scene, I must say that BI might actually be sufficient as there is not that much complex light-interaction going on.

After some testing with smoke and nodes…


For lux 3-5 hours is super fast. :yes:

Hmm yeah , the smoke needs to be a better shape, i do like the coloring of it.
Do the glow and the green lines, and add some more. If you need help with the glow effect, i have made a tutorial on it: http://vimeo.com/13322805 however use this method in combining it with the car: http://vimeo.com/13508778(you probably dont need to use the glare node for your glow)