(digitalSlav) #1

hey please check out http://mysite.iptic.com/digitalservitude and tell me iff the blue graphic on the left top has a white line breaking it up. when i view it there is but if i load it from my hard drive it is not. is this due to something with the iptic server and if so how can i get rid of it… and yes framespacing and framepadding are set to 0.

thanks for your help

(talgor) #2

does not seems the case.
However the upper frame part are not connected to the left one.

(haunt_house) #3

well, in internet explorer, your logo has a white border on the left and on the bottom. You should get rid of the left border by deleting your ‘align=left’ inside the image-tag of your header.html (I don´t know what this slash there is for)

For the vertical gap. Your frame is really 93 pixel in height, but your picture for some reason isn´t. Don´t know at the moment, why ‘height’ doesn´t work properly. it is only 87 (I checked with a screenshot).

Maybe it would be also helpful, to check your site with opera and netscape

Rather unusual Blender Question…very odd…


(digitalSlav) #4

thanks guys…

i was just gonna resize the frame as mentioned but the image i made was 93 and the properties for the image say 93 as well. quite odd i must say but all is well and good now.