iraqi woman VS graviety !!!

no comment :smiley:

Thats cool how they can just walk around with that like it’s nothing,
My only question I guess would be, what were those men saying
to her??? My first guess would be that they were mocking her.

Was that real? That melon looks perfectly round. How does it stay up?

She’s good!

That poor woman could of been going about her day, those men’s voices sounded like
they were mocking her. is no once concerned about her human rights?!

People get worse in elementary schools. Not every mocked woman is cause for human rights.

You are probably right ropsta, I just find something unsettling about 8th century
values. God(s) should be banned, they are unconstitutional.

I liked this vid below, Sexy Iraqi woman shaking it. The woman in gold is built just like my wife, my wife don’t look like a dude though, but still that baby fat is so fucking hot!!!