Iridium Deployment is recruiting

We are actually not anymore working with the Blender Engine! Switched to the UDK but our lead 3D Artist only uses Blender.

Programmer Requirements:

-Needs to be skilled in UDK Script

-Needs to be skilled in Importing Vehicles and setting them up.

-Needs to be very active

3D Artist Requirements:

-Needs to be skilled in Maya (we work with the 2011 release), 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D or Blender

-Needs to be very active

-Needs to be skilled in texturing

We are a group from Germany, so we would rather German speaking people, but we can also comunicate in English.
It’s not necessary for you to speak German if you have skills.

About Slot5:
The aim of this game is to combine different game’s genres in one. We want to create a game which plays in 2200, where you can fly with your spaceship (this part can be compared to X3) and you can also exit your ship. So, outside the ship you have a 3rd Person shooter, to comunicate with npc’s, to take quests and to fight epic battles outside the ship. In the conclusion we want to create a uniqe new MMORPG. But it’s hard to make a summary of such a long story without any reference! So here we are:

Visit our website for more detail:

Artwork to the Story:

Contact us if you want to join our Team!
Please send us something about you and a few references of your work.

Email: apply [at]

These Positions are still free:
Level Designer
Character Designer
Vehicle Designer
Texture Artist
UI Designer
Sound Designer

Nice Concept art! I could use an artist like that… :smiley:


hey guys your project seems to pick up speed nice if any one is on #blender aka irc
contact me under composer4 fun

Story sounds a little like the Mass Effect games