iRiver Jukebox ( 2 Large-ish images)

Hi all.

Just posting something i have been working on over the last couple nights. I think maybe some better reflections and lighting could help but i don’t think i will work on this anymore. Low res image used for logo’s bump, couldn’t find a better one. Used ‘Photomatix’ for some tonemapping to try something new and its a pretty good little program i think.


Really nice model but the rendering doesn’t show it. I think this sort of thing renders better in Yafray or LuxRender. It might be worth giving it a try as it’s definitely a nice model :slight_smile:

One thing I’m amazed at is the metal texture! Could you share the material settings? It looks ace!

Looks nice.

For the logo bump map, the logo looks fairly simple, so you could trace the logo in some vector graphics program and save it as an image. That way you could turn a low-res logo into a high-res.

Agreed, please share the metal material settings!:slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

I forgot to crop the images before posting. Forgive me for that one.

I used three metal materials, i’ll post all of them but when i go to pack the .blend there’s no save directory, is there a default save directory that i can’t find?

EDIT: Redbyte, is it the believeability that lacks in respect to the render u think?

you can make screenshots, or just remove the mesh and post the .blend

metal one:


can you give some more info on the different textures, and the settings for the different shaders if you used them? (mirror etc)