Iron man mark 7

After watching the Avengers movie i decided to redo a new (mark 7) iron man armor.
I’ve already done mark 3 and iron monger. Also tried to do mark 6 with the trangle reactor.

and there’s my attempt of mark 7:

Epic work. :smiley:

I especially like the parts around the shoulders,upper sides and back arms.

Wow! Really great modeling!:cool:

I’ve started modeling a new back. First i need to finish the original back and then add the jetpack.

Started to work with head, tell me what do you think about it.

Looks nice :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good!

It looks like your using an edge crease for the crease above the eyes. Edge crease will work sometimes, but it doesn’t work very well for this. It would look better if you used an edge loop. The same is true for the edges of the head.

It also looks like the vent(?) on the top of the head is a little small:

Looks good, keep it up!

Oops, double post.

In fact i don’t use edge cease or edge loop. I use edge split, and just the splitting angle is just too big.

After a long absence i came back to modelling armor. In fact i didn’t added much new parts but i’m already glad i’ve found patience to resume work. I usually abandon modelling when i get bored of it and start a new one, but not this time :slight_smile:

Armor with started legs and ass :stuck_out_tongue: Still need to rework the head


looking great :smiley: traditional red and gold, or custom paint job?

Going good, really impresive work.

looking forward, great moddeling hear!

Very nice.keep pushing

i’ll paint it with traditional red-yellow-silver color combination, but i love the rough steel look of mark2.
So it is possible to make 3 versions: traditional, steel, and something special :slight_smile:

This is looking very good!

Little update. Lower legs, new head, few new details. But sadly i must admin i have no idea how to do sides of lower torso. I don’t know how exactly the side plates overlap each other.


Wow this is great stuff man, hard surface modeling ftw! haha, I look forward to seeing the finished result kudos

Really awesome model man! Keep up the hard work and you’ll get a really great result with this one!

Work is going forward. I made IMO the most difficult part of armor : sides of torso and lower back. I had almost no references, because there was no good pictures of this area. I also did some minor updates to already done parts.

Hope you like it :slight_smile: