Iron Man walks like a boss in Blender 3.1 EEVEE SSGI

I’ve wanted to try creating sparks from gunshots in Blender for a long time. And this is actually the result of my attempt. All models except of rockets were taken from sketchfab. So basically I just animated the model (with mixamo), created sparks and created light conditions. I was also surprised to me how realisctic can be produced by EEVEE with SSGI.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Looks very well done. I love how you manage to light the shot so it’s like he’s there. Well done! =)

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Great Job!

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Hello! Thank you! Even I did not expect that EEVEE can produce such a result.

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Thank you!

Wow that´s awesome! :heart_eyes:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thank you!!!

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wait this is EEVEE? holy shit

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Cannot get enough likes on this one, looks better than the cgi in actual marvel products nowadays, incredible work!

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Yes:) EEVEE SSGI version.

Thank you! I realy tried to get cinematic look.

ok i gotta ask. that was the sound of the lobby scene from matrix, right ?

What im interested in is the bullets, the effects, the sound, everything about the bullets.

do you think you can share your secrets on that?

Yes. It’s sound from Matrix. Scene where Neo and Trinity come to office center to release Morpheus. Also i used factory sound on background. For bullets sound i used several samples of bullet recochets copied it many times and mixed it with different volume level. For ironman rocket gun (rotation) i used sample of robot movement sound. And for rocket i used sample of rocket sound.

now the obvious question is, where did you get these sounds [except the matrix one]

Sorry for a bit of criticism here, because there is so much good stuff otherwise – but IMHO the color grading ruined it. Your pre-color pass looks so much better and the color grade gets rid of so much detail, especially in the background, by unnecessarily crushing the crap out of your shadows and blowing out the highlights. Anyway, great job otherwise.

Thank you for feedback. I’m okay with criticism. Although I don’t always agree with it. In this case, I agree in part. I do not like the lighted spot at the top right, but the shadows… I think the shadows are fine. Who says all the details have to be fully visible? In a lot of movies, the dark areas are totally black and it’s fine.

Amazing. This looks photoreal .The walk animation is also very good.

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