Iron Steam - homepage started

Update: new direction of gameplay and new homepage.
Update: my hobby games reel with Iron Steam parts:

Update: a new viewport video:

Sad news: the project cancelled… but…
Good news: I will continue the work on it. If I cant find a publisher and developers, I will make a shorf film with these graphic works.

The works on these matters: 20*8 hours.

So the wip homepage:

You can do it in blender Endi!
You barely even need any programmers with blender,
but I’m sure some programmers will contact you.
Is that 20 ‘8 hour’ days?

3d max gui.


why? :slight_smile: Blender gui is perfect and I can make good things with it. :slight_smile: so? :slight_smile:

3ds max gui !!!1!11!

3DS MAX? What about it? Blender as game dev art tool is good enough. We have been working on two games using it and so far haven’t had a need in another package.
Btw, good stuff Endi.

Congratulations, you didn’t get the running gag :RocknRoll:

ps. 3ds max

Ha-ha. Sorry motorsep but 6 months on this forum will tell you what we’re taking about. :smiley:
Endi: Use Blender. You can do it!
P.S. Max GUI

The images on the page are from Blenders Game Engine right? Thats incredible awesome!

you say that, yet even you don’t understand the joke…
ps. revert the the way you have understood endi’s jokes and you’ll get it. :wink:

endi just hasn’t noticed the right time to stop with it before the joke becomes too old. :confused:

Linux not supported :frowning:
Thats sad.
somehow reminds me of certain software :wink:

(I have private messaging turned off which means I can also not send any so i make this quick post instead).

first, sorry to hear about the difficulties you face getting the ball rolling but the projects that you’ll remember one day when you look back are those who almost didn’t make it. I produced a CD almost 10 years ago and just now there is a chance of one song taking off in a big way … funny how things go sometimes …

The reason I am actually replying is that I would like to offer you help with your web page, should you want/need any. I have a bit of free time tomorrow so if you feel like it, please contact me via my web page
Even if you decline my offer, I’d still like to stay in contact with you and maybe down the road borrow your talent for finalizing a project.

Think about it :slight_smile:

Update: a new viewport video:

Now I have plans about an adventure scifi fps game with small rooms: Blender game engine can handle small rooms with good performance. My plan to make a commercial indie game, an adventure with text and story driven, but maybe with some animations, and of course: with this graphics quality.

What do you think? It is possible with Blender? I think it is hard to find good programmers who can use Blender/Python/BGE…

Use the 2.5 BGE if possible, the 2.5 GE runs in Blender at the same speed as the 2.49b runtime exe. (in other words will run much faster when played in Blender compared to 2.49b which the BGE only ran at that speed in the runtime outside of Blender).

That is a cool demo endi - shame that sponsors aren’t lining up to take your project to the next level. I like the atmosphere - almost wish that there was an adventure to be explored in what you have.

Why not use DarkPlaces engine?

A “playable” version: you can walk in the room using WASD keys and arrows to turn.
Dont touch the walls because you will fall out sometimes. :slight_smile:

It runs 20-30fps on my Geforce7600.

Update: new direction of gameplay and new homepage.

Where is a link for new homepage?