Ironman m7

I am ironman. You better be cool otherwise…

Downloaded model or did you model it?

This is one of the cooler renders I’ve seen of ironman and you did a great job with the shaders.

Those shaders look cool. Can you share us the material nodes you used? They would look cool on my rifle.

The modeling is flawless, the shaders are awesome. I’d like to see him dirtier, personally. Either way, cool stuff!

I did the all thing: Modeling, Lighting, shading and retouching. you can see the wip on my sketchbook.

Thanks man. Yeah the shaders was really complicated to catch and it still need more work the be physically accurate. The biggest problem is the fresnel indication the basic fresnel node doesn’t work at all. I need to perfect the shaders.

Thanks man glad you like it. I am working now on procedural dirt, dust shaders and learning about proper uv unwrap because i absolutly don’t know how it works. Once it’s done i’ll do a dirt version ;).

great job that is a lot of work
environment next?

Thanks man. I’m actually perfect them to make them more accurate and physically based with good comments. Once it’s done i’ll send it of course ;).

Hum we’ll see ;).

Hi dude.
Congrats for the nice work.
I really loved your iron man, I did one Mark IV while I’m learning hard surface stuff few years ago, it was cool at the time, but I never got a final version in cycles.

You came out with a great result!! I’ve got inspired to go back to hard surface.