ironman rig wip

This is the model by my brother ryanea81(Ryan Abonitalla) and this is my first pass on rigging this character. this prove to be very tedious. i watched the movie and spliced it and slowed it down to see the moving parts. so far this is what i got. i hope to finish this soon.
heres the link:

Wow, looking good so far. That’s a lot of moving parts, and so far it looks like you’ve got them all fairly well! keep up the good work!

thank you sir :slight_smile:

Cool stuff dude, is there a WIP thread for the actual model?
Have you done only the movement of the different parts or did you make a rig for actual movement of legs, arms, etc…

looks good! and it looks relatively low poly as well… will look awesome with some good materials on it!

Wow! Can you show me the rig please? nearly dies from awesome

@DDD : this is the work in progress of the model by my brother i have the done the legs and arms.what remains and what is constantly giving me problem is the connection between the pelvis area and the upper leg.thank you for time :slight_smile:

@natholas: im happy you like it sir :slight_smile:

@BlendFace: i will be making a screencast tutorial on how i did the rig on this character maybe 2 weeks from now.the rig is really simple but it is very tedious. thank you for visiting my thread. :slight_smile:

scrreencast? u mean a video tutorial or what?
I cant wait too! I made an ironman myself, it is still a wip, which i am taking a break from( and i never got the hang of the shoulder area, so i cant wait to see what you have come up with!! (wow very simple?)
Again it looks very cool so far! ( a bit choppy though, i mean the camera)

@DDD : yes a video tutorial sir.ur ironman thread is coming along well too. good luck to both of us