Nazi from dark side of the moon.

great model, i love it !

this is really cool. do you use zbrush for sculpture?or just use blender?

Only blender in all my works.

Very good modeling, I would love to see it textured :slight_smile:

Compliments!!! This model is beautiful.

Unfortunately texturung don’t needed in my work, i make models for 3d print. May be later then I find time.

Very well done!
I like it a lot, as I liked the movie.

wow, really solid model. nice job.

Amazing work! :smiley:

Very nice. I wonder though if there’s a 3d printer that can print these fine details.

I like it so, I don’t think it needs textures. Great job.

great work! how long did you take to model it?

2weeks and few days for preparing for 3d printing.

If you get a chance post a picture of a print. This looks like it was designed as a print. What things did you think about as you were making it to make sure it would be printable and look good.

The model already looks great and I do not want to imagine how it looks with texture. I waiting for the model with texture.Nice!

very cool…