Irradiance Volume, how to avoid dark spots?

Hey guys,

That’s my first post here so I would to thank all the other members here that already helped me out with their posts in other Topics. :grin:

I’m currenty working myself into Eevee and stumbled about a problem with the Irradiance Volumes. I have to pay highly attention to the placing of the volumes, so that no point is to close or inside a mesh, because then you get dark spots in the lighting. When I have a rectangular, empty room it’s quite easy:

But two quesitons come into my mind:

  1. What when I have stuff in the room? Do I have to hide it when I bake the lighting to secure that no point is overlapped with a mesh?
  2. What about more complex rooms, like curved ones or with stairs? I would have to create various irradiance volumes to cover the complete room without intersect them with the meshes.

Is this the way to go? Or is there some cool setting I am missing for example that can “filter out” these dark spots. :sweat_smile:

I simulated it with the same room and an additional cube. :smiley: