irregular curve bevel

Hello folks, it’s my first post, so nice to meet you all.

I’m want to creato some complex tubolar structure for forniture using the curve+bevel technique. Yet even with a very simple one, the behaviour of the bevel is not the expected one. I created the shape extruding vertices always locked along the global axis.
When applying the bevel the shape appears to twist on certain angles (see pictures).
Is there some setting that I am overseing? Can you help me out with this?



try to use the Tilt with Ctrl-T and change angle

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Thanks RickyBlender, but while the tilt control corrects part of the problem, the mesh is still deformed by the fact that bevel profile rotate 45° at the corners, affecting the section area of the bevel in those points.
It seems like the logical behaviour for rounded curves, but not the best solution for streight lines.

also depends what precision you want
can use Vector

or make it with smooth poly

or do it with mesh then convert to curve !

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