Irreversible corridor

Blender 2.9 / trying to make epic and cinematic scene in Blender 2.9.
Using MS asset and Big head with open mouth from Cliff Demons II by Poisen
Music is one of my dark ambient music!


Some good stuff here. However, since there is grass, it rains here, which would over time make things sink into ground (but even in super-dry places like Atacama Desert I suspect this happens)… Plus, it feels like sand/dirt would pile up at bases of walls here and there (anyone who has walked a bunch in large cities knows about wind tunnel effect) and perhaps if a third of the heads were partially covered by dunes, this would greatly enhance the overall realism and actually mood too.

Wow nice … Appreciated , very great and helpful my friend , thank you :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart: :dizzy: