Irruk Head

Title: Irruk Head
Software: Blender 2.57

I have no idea what an Irruk is… but this is what it’s head looks like.

This was my first time using Blender’s Sculpting system, and I LOVE it! I WAS following a tutorial on sculpting a human head… but something went… wrong.

This was also the first time I used the Vertex painting system, and I got pretty lazy with it, so there’s some square shaped irregularities in the paint scheme. One of these days, when I figure out how to get the paint job off of him, I’ll fix it, but for now, he’s done.

I also put up a turntable video:

Here’s the clay renders from the WIP thread:

Cool but its very dark and hard to see the details. You should brighten it up a little.