IRTC/Lonely: The Sinking

(ScottishPig) #1

Yeah… I’ve been avoiding the forum… but I’m back now. Way hey!

IRTC just wrapped up it’s lonliness competition ( if you’re still totally lost as to what I am talking about) and I had a submission?

How did I do? Not very well. 73rd place (out of 138 entries- putting me in the bottom half)

What is the pic? Well…

My comments upon submission:

Their comments:

Thank you for your time.

(slikdigit) #2

Well, I like it. Good work.

(BgDM) #3

Yeah, nice image SP. I see you got rid of the flag at the top of the mast. :wink:

Anyway, at least you posted that you used Blender and that gets the word out. Some of those comments were pretty harsh, but hey, don’t take them too seriuously. They just don’t like Blender and that is that.

Keep on truckin man.


(slikdigit) #4

Yeah, I also thought those were harsh comments- I think they were reacting to your text rather than the image. In fact it does work for lonliness- the ‘active’ scene with no people in it, the empty boat- wow, just saying ‘empty boat’ feels lonely.
The ship is very nicely modelled, and, for non raytraced reflections, that sea is lookin’ pretty nice. I haven’t seen the other images yet, so I don’t know if yours deserves to win or not, but I’d say you have nothing to be ashamed of there.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it got more votes than those particular comments would indicate.

(S68) #5

Welcome back :slight_smile: missed ya


(bmax) #6

scottishpig…ships AGAIN? but more seriously, i really love your pictures. they always have this atmosphere to them…really nice work there. :smiley:

(noid) #7

I liked it too, and I agree with slikdigit about the comments.

(harkyman) #8

Several things:

  1. Good to see you back.
  2. Nicest ship texturing/composition/rendering by you ever. Great work.
  3. Blender is a great app. No need to apologize for it in your comments next time.
  4. I think your low ranking could be due to the off-topic nature of the piece. More on topic (in a nautical vien) would have been, say, a water-level view render of many large steamers/liners in a bay, with a sad guy in a row boat amidst them.
  5. Good to see you back.

(ScottishPig) #9

Thanks. It’s great to be back. And I like your idea, harkyman. If they had another loneliness competition, I’d certainly use it.

Thanks everybody.

(Bapsis) #10

Heya SP!!!

Great to see ya back, too bad on the IRTC tho. Dont let it discourage you from future contests tho, your work is becomming really good. You have a great nack for retouching things to get it just right, where as i would just get board and move onto something else.
Anywayz, glad to see your gracing the forums again, may even catch up with ya in the chat. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blackphoto) #11

I think if you said you had used povray, you would of got lots of better votes. They should not force you to say what program you used at all.