Is 2070 Super significantly faster than 2070?

I’m looking to buy more GPUs for rendering. Looking at benchmarks for Octane and Redshift, I don’t see much improvement with the 2070 Super over the 2070. BUT, when I look at Cycles benchmarks from several sites, I see a big improvement in render speeds. For instance on the Phoronix review with the classroom demo scene, it’s a huge boost. I saw similar results on another benchmark review.


For those who have the 2070 Super, are you seeing that big of an improvement in render times?

Yes, it is. I have 2 of them in NVlink. Its because also that not only it has more shaders, but also more of the really needed RT cores. Also the Super has NVlink, and with supported apps (latest vray, arnold, e-cycles for ex.) you can unify 2 GPUs RAM into one having effectively 16GB memory, yes its slower but still faster than CPU by far.