Is 27 inch FHD monitor reallly that bad?

I think the 2k monitor prices are way too much still, But I have noticed a lot of you are using FHD in 27-inch monitors. and I hear that people complain about its blurring / not giving a sharp image and stuff…

Is it really that bad? how is it working out for u if u have a 27-inch monitor with FHD? (when and using it for Blender and other softwares?)


It all depends on how good your eyes are. on a 24" HD resolution has good PPI (Pixels Per Inch). on 27" HD resolution is low PPI. and the 27" 2k has similar PPI that 24" HD does.

So again, it purely depends on how good your eyes are.

For me it was bothersome and I can see “squareness” of some images. So I personaly Couldn’t stand 27" HD resolutions screens.


For my experiences, 27 inch too big for work. If you need more workspace, rather than 26 inch monitor, you can buy two monitor.

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I see! thats definitely helpful thank you!!

I got the same feeling kinda browsing through some videos… I think if 25 or 26inch monitors are actually available it would’ve been great! thanks man!

I wrote wrong. I mean two 23 inch monitor is good for work.

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my noctua is on the way so ill grab a 24inch and see how it goes :smiley: thanks again!

except of bluryness there is also avaliable workspace

I’m on 2k+fhd, but i work sometimes on just fhd, and its kinda painful then. It just lack of workspace. Single 2k is better than 2xFHD for me. i bought 27" AOC for around 250$ and i’m happy with it. If you have opportunity go in 2k.

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I know exactly what u mean! I just think that right now it’s just really too much money from where I am from. No AOC here and the rest of 2K starts around 350$.

If I think ill need more space ill definitely go for 2K next time when the price is low :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestion!

note that there are also the 1440p resolution screens to consider, might be a nice middle-ground.

edit: never mind just realized you are referring to 1440p as “2k” here.

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