Is a bone with no animation channel ingnored by the engine?

(TorQ) #1

I am trying to animate my characters using constraints. The only problem with this is that you end with extra bones in the skeleton that aren’t neccesary in the game engine. I have tried deleting the bones from the skeleton after I have baked the animation but it doesn’t play the animation correctly after that. I should say that it plays the animation correctly when I am viewing it in the edit window but it screwed up when I view it in the engine. I also deleted the constraints from the skeleton as well. Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter as it is very important that I move forward on my project.


(Carl) #2

There are a number of things to take into account.

1 deleting bones seems like a waste… you should delete the channels in the action window where you do the baking and the key setting. deleting the keys is not enough, move your mouse over the name of the bone and then press x…this will give you the option to delete teh channel

2 blending 2 actions on a skeleton for 2 or more different bones doesn’t work. I had a character walk and look left with 2 actions, but blendin didn’t work with that…

good luck


(Abracsis) #3

actually blending two animations is possible in some respects. If you have a walk and a head left animation, simply only insert key fraes for the Head in the second animation. Then make sure the property is lower in the head logic brick than the one in the walk.
Lastly. It DOES make a difference in the order of your Action actuators as to whether overlapped blend in’s work, so play around with it. Note this works in 2.23 but is a messy way to do it. The actually Action mixer is apprently in 2.25, so get it! :slight_smile: